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Explore Guatemala with our local travel agency. Guatemala is the ideal spot for travelers looking for an adventure off the beaten bath.

Guatemala is home 37 volcanoes, 3 of which are active, Pacaya, Fuego and Santiaguito. Here, nature will put on a show just for you. Get up close with fumaroles, explosions and lava flows!


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A Journey Down Volcano Road

12 days Hiking and Adventure Travel

Aventura Guatemala

14 days Hiking and Adventure Travel

The Great Mayan March: Hiking Tour of Guatemala

14 days Hiking and Adventure Travel

Volcano Tour in Guatemala

14 days Hiking and Adventure Travel

Guatemala will also delight lovers of canyoning, caving and underground adventures of all kinds. Lost in the jungle, some caves lead to immense networks of underground rivers such as Lanquín or Candelaria. These sites were considered sacred by the Mayan populations. At Semuc Champey, you will even be offered a candlelit night Canyoning tour!

Walking in Guatemala is above all an excuse to meet local people, explore Mayan villages and discover centuries-old traditions.

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