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Discover Our Local Travel Agency in Antigua

Tristan and Fernanda, founders of Terra Guatemala, know the country’s hidden corners, having explored it extensively for more than 6 months before creating the agency on site! They are based in Antigua, and will be responsible for designing your tailor-made itinerary in Guatemala.

Let Adventure Lead You

We want to share our passion for Guatemala with you.

Meet Our Team

We constantly travel throughout the country in order to offer you the most up to date travel itineraries!

Originally from the North East of France, I walked Patagonia then Mexico where I settled 5 years at the helm of Terra Maya. I am passionate about the Mayan world, the authenticity of the meetings, the diversity of the fauna. These passions naturally lead me to Guatemala where I settle in 2018.


Travel like a Local

The Fuentes Georginas are hot springs near Quetzaltenango. The place is rarely visited during the week.


Love at First Sight

Overnight camping on the Acatenango volcano to observe lava explosions from the Fuego volcano.


A Favorite Dish

Pepián: meat dish served in a spicy red sauce, accompanied by rice, vegetables and tortillas. To taste on a market!



Traditional clothing of the Mayan ethnic groups. Colors are omnipresent and the patterns are rich in meanings.

Mexican, originally from Yucatan, I am passionate about nature, travel and dance. After 3 years in tailor-made tourism in Terra Maya, I let myself be seduced by the charms of Guatemala, its people and its traditions. I will be your specialist for Guatemala – Mexico handsets.


Travel Like a Local

Shop at local markets. Fair trade, fresh products and guaranteed authenticity!


Love at First Sight

The Día de Todos los Santos (November 1). For the colorful streets, the dances, the music.


A Favorite Dish

Plantains in Mole sauce. A sweet and savory blend that reminds me of my country of origin.



Sunrise at Tikal. Observing the awakening of the jungle is an extraordinary visual and sound spectacle.